Dress Code

At Playhouse Lanes we want you to have fun, relax, and enjoy yourself however we ask that you please DO NOT wear any of the following during business hours.

  • Sleeveless T-Shirts and A-style under shirts / ribbed
  • Hats
  • Ripped or soiled clothing
  • Excessively baggy clothing - pants must be worn around the waist, no visible undergarments 
  • Chains
  • Motorcycle / gang symbols / gang colors
  • Clothing with any inappropriate language or drug paraphernalia
  • Work boots / flip flops / sandals

We thank you for following the above dress code. We want to make sure you have a memorable and enjoyable experience when visiting our center. 

Alley Regulations


  • Bowling shoes must be worn at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS. Socks are REQUIRED. 

  • No outside food or drink is permitted inside the bowling alley at any time! Signs are posted at the entrance as a reminder. if you are asked to remove an outside food or drink item more than once you will be asked to leave the facility. All food and drink purchased in the building must stay in the seating area and away from the lanes. 

  • Only one person (the person bowling) is allowed on the approach at a time. All other bowlers must be OFF the approach. 

  • NO ONE may cross the foul line at any time. Doing so may result in a serious injury. By purchasing a lane, you and everyone in your group understands this regulation and agrees to not cross over the foul line and onto the lane for any reason. If you choose to go against this rule, any resulting incident is free from our responsibility and liability. You and everyone in your group will be removed from the alley immediately. Warnings have been placed within this regulations page, by each door in the building, at the front counter, and when you enter your names into the computer.

  • No sepectators allowed. Everyone in your group must bowl. Anyone not bowling must pay for a single game and shoes even if they are not going to bowl. 

  • Hitting the bowling machine guard during a lane reset will result in a warning. Hitting it a second time will result in you being asked to leave the facility. We understand accidents happen however we ask that you please do not throw the ball down the lane until the lane has COMPLETELY RESET. 

  • All staff reserve the right to refuse a sale based on a customer's state of mind. If you or someone in your group appears to be intoxicated (or otherwise impaired or under the influence) you will be asked to leave the facility. 

  • Have fun, relax, and remember to drink responsibly. WE ID EVERYONE!